Stephanie Taylor: Yes, Mr. Mike's Cleaning Service is an exceptionally professional company with great employees. The quality of their work is excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. They are friendly. They are detail-oriented. They are local. They are AWESOME!

Michael Christopher: Commercial building cleaning, Attentiveness to the job. Yes, Mr. Mike's Cleaning Service has been the cleaning service for the Middlebury Police Department for over 9 years. The quality of Mr. Mike's service is exceptional. Most note-worthy is their attentiveness to the small details that other cleaning services tend to overlook. Their response to various hazardous materials cleaning has been quick and thorough. A truly professional organization, one that you can trust to get the job done...right! I would highly recommend Mr. Mike's for your cleaning needs.

Lynn Provost: Weekly commercial cleaning dependability and customer service. Yes, I would categorize this company as having a very strong work ethic and the most important thing to them is having the work done right and the customer happy. This day and age you don't find that very often. That says a lot for this business and why they have been servicing our commercial needs for over 14 years. Thanks Mike, keep up the good work !