Photo Gallery

We are continuing to upgrade our fleet all the time. We are making sure that we have reliable vehicles to get us to every account. Maintaining our vehicles and making sure they represent the detail oriented work that we do is very important to us.

Had fun today with a different kind of cleaning project. Took care of cleaning out and re-starting a friends hot tub this morning. Not something we normally do, but it is fun to venture outside of the normal commercial cleaning world and do this kind of small project.

The truck, trailer, and van were all out today at a local restaurant for some spring cleaning & carpet shampooing before the grand re-opening at the end of the month.

Before Carpet Shampooing

During Carpet Shampooing

After Carpet Shampooing

Just Starting to Shampoo

Half Way into Shampooing

Finished Carpet

Window Washing and Sills

Scrubbing Sinks

Dusting Bookcases

Shampooing Carpets

Lots of hard work goes into getting schools ready for re-opening this fall: Some of our team seen in the photos above doing a deep cleaning of a local school. This cleaning included wall washing, scrubbing, and polishing of sinks, shampooing the carpets, dusting as many areas as we could get to, washing the windows inside and out, wiping the window sills, cleaning of lights and ceiling fans, and fully cleaning all the bathrooms. This is a big job, but with the right team, the work goes very quick and smoothly.

Vermont State Police Breast Cancer Awareness Cruiser

Floor Stripping Project

Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Main Lobby

Carpet Cleaning in Office

Pressure Washing in Progress

Pressure Washing

Before/After Example

Floor Scrubbed

Starting to Wax

Finished Wax

Starting to Wax

Finished Wax

Waxed Floor

Shampooing Another Carpet

More Shampooing

Getting the Floor ready to be Machine Scrubbed


Scrubbing Progress

Beginning to Wax

Final Coat of Wax

Re-Finishing of Oak Floors

Applying the First Coat of Polyurethane

Applying Another Coat of Polyurethane

Final Product

Unloading One of Our Floor Machines

Packing Back Up After Another Floor

The Entire Team Cleaning at the Theater

Scrubbing Another Floor

A Work in Progress

A Floor in Need or Scrubbing

The Beginning of Scrubbing

Cleaned and Ready for Wax

Final Product